Winged Wanderlust

Craving to finally escape the confines of the dusty wardrobe the Angel bag is unleashing itself unto the world once more, preparing to take flight all over London ...

 We are looking to embrace the thrills our doorstep has to offer - seeking magic in the divine pursuit of exploration!

 First stop on the list of escapades is the iconic landmark that is St Pauls Cathedral - its grandiose aura is the perfect tonic for the post lockdown limbo. We are embracing the newfound freedoms, all the while exuding enough opulence to match our surroundings. 

 Next, we take a stroll across to the Millennium Bridge to swish in the breeze and saunter as if the worlds our catwalk. More swishing ensues until we stumble upon the world-renowned Globe Theatre; the dramatic prowess of such a place rich in history and exuberance serves as a reminder to be theatrical, so we flap and frolic about, relishing the liberating feeling of the moment! 

Millennium Bridge

 The exploration continues and we encounter the enchanting ruins of St. Dunstan-in-t he­ East in the heart of the city of London, it is a place that has an ethereal presence akin to our own... making it an inspiring tale of enduring beauty beyond a tragedy (it was destroyed in the Blitz for those who don't know) which is something we strive to emulate in these unique times. The sheer inspiration a withstanding piece of the past holds is invaluable to testament of enduring enchantment.

 Being released from the wardrobe is a new beginning, a chance to explode back onto the scene as beautiful as ever in somebody's hand, on somebody's arm, embellishing their every step in this new existence and utilising this fresh perspective to be as opulent as ever!

 Coming up next in this series we immerse ourselves in the chaotic splendour Piccadilly Circus has to offer, along with travelling to the charming Venice, I know what you are thinking, Venice? In these times! No not actual Venice but Little Venice will have to surpass! Stay tuned for more bag adventures and revelations it's only the beginning ...