About The Brand

ANGEL London is an exquisite handbag brand, founded by Angel Adeniyan, a British handbag designer of African descent. 

Having trained as an investment banker in the city of London for over 10 years, she came into the handbag industry about 4 years ago with no formal training. Since then, she has been perfecting a look of her own, incorporating structured handbags. Her love for handbags began as a child, when she inherited a structured vintage bag from her Grand Mother.

Angel's brand identity is rooted in her honouring craftmanship and leather, as well as experimenting with unconventional pattern cutting and assembly techniques, by creating pieces in an avant-garde style. 

Angel works with the finest leathers and make no compromises… All her pieces are designed and handcrafted at her studio, based in London. ​Her use of bold colours and her signature purple leather lining throughout the collections will leave clients yearning for more... The handbags are made to stand the test of time. They are created with practicality, versatility, and longevity in mind.

The brand's philosophy is 'quality comes first'. Fundamental to the philosophy is the unparalleled attention to details and the dedication to timeless luxury.

Angel is committed to impeccable craftsmanship and strive to design and handcraft pieces that are sustainable, timeless, and exquisite.